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    Critical Course 2 | Sustainable Shoe Design, Construction, and Production

    True sustainability starts at the beginning. This topic area features case studies from leaders around the world, covering how to design the full lifecycle from optimizing the first iteration of a shoe, to designing parts that can be used for repair and enhancement to extend its lifetime, to making sure it can recycled and turned into another product. It is also about doing line building in the most sustainable way, minimizing the use of new tooling—ideas that can help reduce environmental footprints while increasing efficiencies (ROI).

  • Critical Course 2 content, including 21 recorded classes, interviews, and webinars with sustainability expert contributors, covers:​

    • Designing the Lifecycle
    • Using Agriwaste and Novel Supplier Development
    • Quality of Material and Manufacturing Processes and Footwear Sustainability
    • Resourceful Design
    • LCA-Led Design for Disassembly and Developing Biofabricated Materials
    • Digital Design and Development
    • Using Digital Tools to Minimize Sampling
    • Design for Recycling
    • Designing the Lifecycle of Footwear from Plant-Based Fibers and Fabrics
    • Making Recyclable PU and TPU Footwear
    • Design for Durability
    • Production on Demand
    • Shifting the Fashion Paradigm to Fully On-Demand
    • Local to Local Manufacturing

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