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  • Critical Course 1

    Sustainable Endings: Recycling, Waste Management & Circularity

    Critical Course 2

    Sustainable Shoe Design, Construction, & Production

    Critical Course 3

    Sustainable Shoe Materials, Certifications, & Standards

    Finishes Master Course

    Sustainable Coatings & Finishes
    for Achieving Circularity

  • Special Rate: pay $399 for all 4 courses above

  • Leather Master Course

    Sustainability and the
    Leather Supply Chain Strategies Master Course

    Strategies Master Course 1

    Shoe Uppers: Science of Sustainable Materials, Certifications, LCAs, more

    Strategies Master Course 2

    Packaging Sustainability Case Studies & Insights​
    Strategies Master Course

    Strategies Master Course 3

    In-Mid-Outsole: Science of Sustainable Materials, Performance, Comfort

    Strategies Master Course 4

    Green Marketing Do's and Don'ts Legal Discussion
    Strategies Master Course

  • Special Rate: pay $250 for the 4 Strategies Master Courses above

  • Special corporate rate for FDRA members: Train your entire company for just $3,000. This provides access to an unlimited number of employees, helping synch ideas and workflows across all departments to develop a true sustainability focused culture that ensures success. Contact us to set up this special offer.


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    Proceeds fund new industry-wide sustainability collaborations as well as shoesustainability.com
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