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    Critical Course 3 | Sustainable Shoe Materials, Certifications, and Standards

    With a range of new materials coming out, how do you really know which ones are sustainable and which ones are not? What are the new materials that work for footwear, and who can I buy them from? What groups and standards should I know about so I can make more informed decisions when it comes to design, development, and production using these materials? What percent recycled, bio, or other are standard? Yes, we cover all this and more.

  • Critical Course 3 content, including 23 recorded classes, interviews, and webinars with sustainability expert contributors, covers:​

    • Materials and LCAs
    • Sustainable Shoe Packaging
    • Leather and Life Cycle Assessment Thinking
    • Circular Leather Tanning
    • Advanced Leather Sustainability—Farm to Shoe
    • Synthetic and Plant-Based Upper Materials
    • Production and Certification of Bio-Based and Recycled Foam Footbeds
    • Global Sustainability Roadmap
    • Replacing Plastics with 100% Plant-Based Materials
    • The Future of (Bio-Based) TUs and TPUs
    • Regenerative Sole Materials
    • The Lifecycle of Plant-Based Polymers for Foams and Injection Molding
    • EVA with Bio-Based and Recycled Content
    • The Importance of Third-Party Certification
    • Vegan Certification

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