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    Master Course | Sustainable Coatings & Finishes for Achieving Circularity

    Learn about color finishings and coatings for footwear and how they impact a shoe's sustainability. How you apply color greatly influences your carbon footprint and the recyclability of your product. Finishes and coatings are often overlooked in circular design processes, yet they are essential to achieve a high level of sustainability. Currently, coatings and finishings can impede recycling and circularity, and can use chemicals we need to eliminate from our products. Watch for key insights and how to reimagine the design and development process, even new sustainable replacements, to ensure your shoes are sustainable AND recyclable at end of life.

  • Coatings and Finishes Course content, including classes and a webinar with sustainability expert contributors, covers:​

    • Sustainable options for waterproofing and water resistance
    • The current state of bio-based coatings
    • Dyeing for End of Life
    • The future of finishing: Compostable coatings
    • Finishing for durability

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