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    NEW! Course 4 | Finish What You Started!

    How coatings and finishes are essential for achieving circularity

    This special event focuses on a key sustainability issues not often focused on, but critical to helping companies increase sustainability and help them get closer to achieving circularity. We are working on interviews with experts on key topics that attendees can view beginning March 14, 2022. The video content will help train footwear designers, development, materials and sourcing teams on critical issues. We will then host a live webinar and Q&A sessions in the days following launch to ensure you hear from leaders and get your most pressing questions answered. Both webinars will be recorded and posted on the website with the other videos so that all attendees can access them for up to 3 months after the event.

  • Course 4 content, including classes, interviews, and live webinars with sustainability expert contributors, covers:​

    • Sustainable options for waterproofing and water resistance
    • The current state of bio-based coatings
    • The future of finishing: Compostable coatings
    • Finishing for durability